The 10 Stages of Becoming a K-Pop Fan

We all feel this way:

Stage 1: Confusion

At this point almost everyone heard about K-pop but really we know only about Gangnam Style. While looking at music videos you will be confused:
What is this? Why there are so many of them? What’s with the bright colors?

Stage 2: Intrigue

Then you find yourself humming that tune and some English words, so you will watch the video again. And check out some of the Youtube suggestions, because that’s how it works. And you stuck a of Kpop MVs world.


Stage 3: Denial

Those songs were fine. It’s not like you listening them all the time… and have some groups on your iPod. It’s catchy and stuff, but you’re not into it. Really.


Stage 4: Secrecy

Eventually you will admit that you are hooked. But your friends won’t understand these “Korean music”. And you will be secret K-Pop fan.

Stage 5: Obsession

Now you officially obsessed. You’ve got your bias (or at least a few), you know the majority of the words to your favorite songs, and you have tracked down every talk show with English subs so you can see your favorite groups being interviewed. You may or may not have had a fan-freak-out moment or two. You follow all the fan blogs so you know the instant anything related to your biases is posted, even if it’s a translated tweet. Not to mention your gif collection is to die for.


Stage 6: Integration

You and the fandom have become one. You are embroiled in all the drama, have spent many hours defending your bias, and have even begun your own K-Pop tumblr. You’re not sure when it happened, but you are in.


Stage 7: Koreaboo

It’s not just enough to be a fan anymore. You want to learn Korean, eat Korean food, watch K-Dramas, wear popular Korean clothing, even live in Korea, just to be closer to your bias. None of this would be a bad thing, if you weren’t so obnoxious about it. Especially when you drop random Korean words into your sentences. Sometimes you even wish you had been born Korean. You are now a Koreaboo!


Stage 8: Realization

And then someone has opened your eyes. You now know that everything is a carefully calculated corporate move, from the songs, to the TV appearances, to the cutesy behind-the-scenes footage.You might feel betrayed, fooled, or upset by this news. All their songs are set up by big corporations? They’re trained for years before debuting? T


Stage 9: Acceptance

You finally come to terms with K-Pop and its fandom. Sure, it’s got sasaeng fans, and the groups are designed to make tons of money, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the music or the people who are singing it. After all, they’re still performing it themselves. Now you can blast all the BIGBANG you want without feeling judged or self conscious.


Stage 10: K-Pop Fan 100lvl

Welcome to the fandom!

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