K-Pop Dad Jokes That Will Secretly Make You Laugh Inside

Kpop memes are the funniest ngl

1. If RM was a food.


2. SHINee is back



3. Coffee and Suga



4. Everyone would sympathize



5. Xiumin is axiumin



6. BIGBANG is fantastic



7. TOP can’t be TOPless



8. INFINITE on birthday



9. In and Out



10. Who took the pants?



11. VIXX and Ravioli



12. Always remember



13. SHINee moon



14. What’s your favorite potato?



15. Yoseob is sad



16. Chemistry is sodium funny






18. Onew’s car is SHINee



19. The new definition of YOLO



20. Breathe oxyJin



21. So many fans


22. Somin is so mean



23. Do you believe in Jisoos?



24. Kiseop to your boss



25. Spooky Seventeen



26. Kookie Monster



27. Woozi is short tempered



28. If Xiumin was in Harry Potter



29. Hwasap!


30. Verdone


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