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BTS’s V Is Now The 10th Member Of TWICE And We “LIKEY” It

BTS’s V Is Now The 10th Member Of TWICE And We “LIKEY” It

Fans spotted a “mistake” that’s too good to correct.

TWICE has a new, honorary 10th member: BTS‘s V!

Over the years, TWICE and BTS have had some memorable interactions during events like ISAC, award shows, and more. At 2016 KBS Song Festival, they performed snippets of each other’s songs, like TWICE’s “Cheer Up”.

They’ve also jammed out to each other’s music during their own time. This turned up version of “Cheer Up” will go down in BTS x TWICE history!

Now, fans have taken things one step further by adding V to the TWICE lineup! This photo shows V’s poster in the middle of these TWICE posters. Why? More like “why not”!

V’s standee has also been spotted hanging out with a bunch of female idols at a LOONA fansite exhibition.

Check out that bow! It’s fabulous.

Some fans have joked that this is the real reason why “TWICE’s V” has accidentally gone missing from some BTS merch and promos. He’s too busy being a girl group member!

And what do YOU think about it? 👇🏻

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